On Demand

On-demand TV viewing has never been easier, whether the viewer is watching on a TV set or on another device. The last few years have seen the introduction of set top boxes and TV’s with built in catch up facilities allowing easy access to missed programmes. With TV content also being downloaded to smart phones and tablets the viewer can decide when and where to watch the programmes they have missed.

On demand offers small businesses the chance to reach a different audience whilst using the same commercial that is broadcast on TV. On demand follows the same regional profile as the TV and offers a cost effective way of advertising around the programmes small businesses may not normally be able to advertise in, on linear TV.

The adverts delivered through the on demand service are often clickable and can send the viewer directly to the website of the business advertising.

Online advertising

As well as advertising on catch up TV you can also look at advertising on broadcaster sites with banner, MPU and Sky Scraper advertising. These impressions can be delivered on a regional basis and can just be around one specific programme or targeted to a genre.

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