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Ryburn Media Limited is an independent media buying agency that offers professional and honest advice to all clients. We work with national and regional clients and offer advice on the best way to spend marketing budgets and work with clients to develop suitable marketing strategies to meet their needs.

Ryburn Media Limited was established in 2011 after Natalie spent almost 6 years working at ITV as a Business Development Manager working with businesses that had not been on TV before. We make the whole process as stress free as possible and offer a “hand holding” service through every step of the process from initial meeting to post campaign analysis.

As a media buying agency we specialise in advertising using all forms of media from London Underground, bus, press, radio, TV and TV sponsorship and have been helping small and large businesses to access TV as a marketing tool for the last 8 years. We help businesses design campaigns that match their budget and target audience, allowing them to get the best out of their campaign. We help with every step of the process from designing the best package to meet your budget, to advice on the creative and compliance process. Every penny invested in marketing needs to work hard and bring in the desired results. We also advise businesses on their creative making sure the right message is portrayed to the viewer and advise businesses to put their commercials on their website as this helps with their ranking on Google and also gives the viewer the comfort of knowing that they have found the business they have seen on TV.

Natalie McGinty, Managing Director
Ryburn Media Limited

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